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Kitchen Hoods: Silverline in Turkey, Akpo in Poland, Elikor in Russia, MAS in Iran, AXEL in Argentina, etc. We also trying to cooperate with FRANCE, BLLC, etc.

Wall-hung Boilers: Vanward, MACRO, VATTI, DEVOTION, ESIN, VOOMA in China. Fandis in Italy, Termikel in Turkey an so on.

Ventilator Motors: JINLING, SCABOR in China.

Oven Motors: Termikel in Turkey, AXEL inArgentina, Fandis in Italy. Loyola, BESTDAY in China.

Mobile Air-conditioners: POS, Hisense, TCL in China.

Health Products: NORD in Italy. Globalcare, DeVilbiss in the?United?States.

Customers of other products: Ventline, American Dryer, Federal Signal, Maxxair, Sunrise, Vitamix, Micron, Nemox, Axion, Ultraflex Control, etc