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Main Milestones

Founded in H.K and started on trading; later, decided to set up own factory to produce motors because the suppliers didn’t pay attention to quality.
Set up factory in Shenzhen City, producing mainly shaded pole motors, DC motors, synchronous motors, crossflow blowers.
Moved to Zhongshan City and increased production items of capacitor motors, brushless motors and plastic injection.
Moved to Jiangmen City and increased production projects of hardware Mold manufacturing, aluminum die-casting and centrifugal fans, etc.
Established a subsidiary company “Shenzhen Green Home Innovation Technology Co., Ltd” in Shenzhen, engaged in R&D, production and sales of free heavy-metal pollution products.
Established a subsidiary company “Jiangmen Johnson Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd” to develop and produce innovative products.

Established a subsidiary company “Jiangmen Wecan Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd” to provide automation transformation services for parent company and to undertake business abroad.

Established a subsidiary company "Jiangmen Shiying Qianqiu Technology Enterprise Incubator Co., Ltd” to support the growth of small and micro technology-based comp
Established a subsidiary company “Xukee Shopping Mall (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.” in Shenzhen to develop e-commerce softwares servicing smart home products.
Established a subsidiary company “Jiangmen Buyna Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.”, mainly engaged in e-commerce services.