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R&D Strength
Innovation is the guarantee of the life and development of an enterprise. It is one of the five aspects of Nostop company’s culture. Nostop Group pursues sustainable operation, with a particular focus on R & D and innovation. To this end, we have specially set up a “R & D Center” in Shenzhen to develop new technologies, new material, new processes and new equipment for motor products.

We introduce the world’s leading technologies and bring together senior talents in the motor industry to ensure the stable development of company and maintain a long-term competitive advantage. We invest more than 10% of our sales each year into research and development. Since 2010, we have invested more than 14 million CNY as research and development expenses!

There are 1 set of Air volume and pressure tester, 9 dynamic balance testers, 10 comprehensive testers, 15 electric parameter testers and 80 other testing equipment, which are complete and advanced.
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